Petrol engine brushcutters

The Oleo-Mac range of petrol engine brushcutters comprises models with different characteristics, satisfying the demands of both professionals in the sector and of users with little experience in the care and maintenance of green areas.

Lightweight, medium powered, professional, our petrol engine brushcutters are the expression of high performance, power and easy handling. From cutting coarse grass to eliminating shrubs, from clearing bushes and reed thickets to removing scrub and weeds, the petrol engine brushcutters in the catalogue are indicated both for occasional activities and for intensive prolonged use.

Lightweight petrol engine brushcutters are suitable for cleaning the lawn at home and for finishing the edges, but their radius of action can be limited to the garden.

Multifunction petrol engine brushcutters allow different activities to be performed with only one tool, optimizing times and resources.

Medium power petrol engine brushcutters are reliable and versatile, with the performance of machines of a higher category.

Professional brushcutters are designed for prolonged intensive work, guaranteeing a high yield even in difficult conditions.

4-stroke brushcutters are extremely efficient, because they guarantee quality standards combined with fuel saving and respect for the environment.

Backpack brushcutters use an engine housed in a frame designed to be worn like a backpack, so as to balance the weight, and they have a longer rod that allows them to be used even on terrains that are difficult to reach.


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