4-stroke engine brushcutters

4-stroke brushcutters are sturdy and reliable, designed to work both in the garden and in the country. These tools guarantee solidity, efficiency and high performance: the 360° rotatable engine works easily in any position, with a high torque even at low speeds. The aluminium shroud guarantees exceptional resistance through time, even for prolonged uses.

Low vibrations and noise, as well as the absence of smells and simple starting, offer maximum operator comfort in action. 4-stroke brushcutters are designed to be eco-friendly, drastically reducing the release of uncombusted hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the environment. Oil and fuel consumption are also optimized, as are maintenance costs and the use of spare parts.

The Oleo-Mac models in the catalogue, BC 360 4S and BC 360 4T, embody all the features described so far: high performance, maximum comfort in use, respect for the environment and the utmost operating economy.

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