Water Pumps

Selection Guide

Our catalogue includes both self-priming water pumps, and non self-priming models, and in both cases the units operate on the surface rather than in submerged conditions.

To choose the right model you need to understand the main features and have a clear idea of the aim and intended use.

A self-priming water pump is the ideal machine if you're looking for a way to provide frequent and simple irrigation of plants, vineyards and allotments.
Self-priming water pumps are centrifugal pumps capable of aspirating the air automatically during start-up and then expelling it so that the pipelines can be flooded with liquid. Models WP 300 and SA 30 TLA offer superior performance also in the presence of significant level differences, with running time of approximately one hour.

The Oleo-Mac non self-priming water pump is the ideal solution for pumping large liquid flow rates and for evacuation duties, for example in the building construction industry.
Our model SC 33 is equipped with a practical carry handle for easy transport and a solid tubular steel frame to protect it from accidental impact. Lightweight and durable, this machine offers generously long operating time.

The main parameters employed to classify our water pumps are the total length of the pipeline and the diameter of the connecting unions, the water flow rate, and the suction head, which describes the capacity of a pump to lift a certain number of cubic metres of water over a given height.

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