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Oleo-Mac battery-powered products are high-tech solutions designed to meet the need for reliable, easy-to-use and extremely quiet tools.

Capable of minimising noise and environmental emissions, they are ideal for working in cities or near to other homes at any time of day.

Our catalogue offers the HCi 45 hedgetrimmer, the BCi 30 brushcutter, the BVi 60 blower and the Gi 44 P lawnmower.

The modern motors paired with powerful 2.5 and 5.0 Ah batteries combine high performance with best-in-class noise levels. All Oleo-Mac battery-powered models are easy to use: just check the battery charge with the simple and intuitive battery check gauge (located on the battery itself) and start working independently with maximum freedom of movement.

The products’ other main benefit is the absence of electrical cables that could be a potential hindrance when working. For this reason, Oleo-Mac battery-powered models are especially suitable for working even in areas where there is no power point, making for a pleasant and relaxing gardening experience.

The products in the new range can be purchased together with the battery and battery charger, or separately. All battery-powered models have intercompatible charging solutions: the entire Oleo-Mac range can be powered with the same battery. Oleo-Mac makes it possible to work on any type of green area, from tidying vegetable patches to garden maintenance, without generating fumes or noise and in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations, while also ensuring low running costs and high productivity levels.

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