Electric brushcutters

Oleo-Mac electric trimmers are the right tool for clearing small plots of land, combining high performance with easy use. Ranging in power from 600 to 1000W, they are particularly indicated for occasional jobs at home, such as tidying the lawn and finishing the edges.

Unlike petrol engines, electric motors do not need topping up and they have a very low noise and environmental impact, allowing the operator to work serenely in any setting.

The models available in the catalogue, TR 61 E, TR 91 E, TR 101 E, are particularly reliable, as regards both long working life and safety.

Thanks to the rear motor position and the light weight of the components, electric trimmers are stable and well-balanced. The motor, protected by copper windings, has a thermal cut-out that stops the motor in the event of overheating; the flexible steel shaft is protected by a self-lubricating sheath.

These tools are particularly easy to handle: the cutting unit has a 135° protection by a shield with rounded corners, enabling it to slide easily over any type of terrain.


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