A comprehensive glossary of the machines on the market.


Chain saws  Mechanical motorised saws used for cutting, felling and limbing trees.

Pruners  Designed for pruning and limbing at elevated heights without having to use steps or mechanical lifts.

Hedgetrimmers  For cutting hedges and shrubs, aesthetic trimming and protecting the health of plants.

Trimmers  Machines used to trim or cut grass in places which cannot be reached by a lawnmower or garden tractor (such as around garden walls, ornamental plants, bushes, flowerbeds and fences).

Blower/Vacuum cleaners  Effective tools for tidying any area of leaves and shrubs.

Bioshredders  Built to chop or shred vegetable matter, organic waste and leaves, transforming it into natural fertiliser.

Multimate  A combination system consisting of a single power unit and multiple attachments: brushcutter, trimmer, blower, hedgetrimmer and pruner.

Brushcutters  Tools designed specially for clearing grass, scrub, bushes and small brambles.

Lawnmowers  Machines for cutting grass by means of a blade positioned underneath the machine, which can be set to different cutting heights. Can be used for small spaces or extremely extensive areas, depending on the needs of the operator.

Scarifiers  Tools for eliminating moss and weeds from turf and for making cuts in the ground: this allows the soil to breathe and enables moisture and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass.

Wheeled brushcutters/Flail mowers  Designed for use in overgrown areas for cutting down and removing long, thick grass, clearing undergrowth or mowing along verges and the banks of ditches.

Garden tractors  Self-propelled ride-on machines ideal for cutting grass in large gardens, parks and public green spaces.

Water pumps  Suitable for all private and professional irrigation needs, in agricultural or building applications.

Mistblowers  Machines designed for the treatment and disinfestation of crops, small plantations and nursery stock. They can spray liquid or dust.

Sprayers  Tools for atomising substances for the targeted treatment of small plants, orchards, vegetable plots, etc..

Shakers  Designed for the mechanised harvesting of olives and other fruit. Delivers a much higher level of efficiency than manual methods.

High-pressure washers  Powerful machines which use a high-pressure water jet, ideal for cleaning outdoor spaces, cars or agricultural equipment.

Rotary tillers  Machines designed for preparing soil for grass seeding.

Earth augers  Motorised drills which are ideal for sinking holes of varying diameter to receive vines, plants, supports or lamp posts.

Transporters  Self-propelled tracked vehicles for construction and agricultural duties involving the transportation of bulky and heavy loads on steep gradients or over rough terrain.

Powercutters  Powerful professional class tools for cutting asphalt, concrete and metals.

Logsplitters  Logsplitters are specialist tools for preparing firewood: they cut logs into smaller pieces suitable for furnaces, open fires and stoves.

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