Petrol engine hedgetrimmers

Selection Guide

Oleo-Mac petrol engine hedgetrimmers are invaluable tools not only for the management of parks and open spaces but also for home garden maintenance activities. Powerful and cordless, the petrol engine models allow the job to be tackled with the maximum freedom of movement.

The professional hedgetrimmers are powerful and rugged and yet simultaneously lightweight and manoeuvrable. These models are ideal for cutting thick hedges and vegetation thanks to their high quality adjustable steel blades and professional aluminium gearbox.

The presence of the “Primer” and “Easy On” systems makes for easy cold starts, while the antivibration system composed of 4 springs for complete isolation of the handles, means the maximum operator comfort during use of the tool. The double-edge blade models are equipped with a 180° swivel handle with 5 intermediate positions for guaranteed comfort, irrespective of the working position.

Oleo-Mac shaft hedgetrimmers are designed to provide a response to complex cutting and pruning requirements, also on tall hedges or hedges in difficult positions, allowing the operator to maintain a comfortable working position with a secure grip on the tool. The quality of the cut is once again a result of the double-edge blade, adjustable through 180 degrees with 12 intermediate positions.

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