Battery-powered lawnmowers

Selection Guide

Cutting the grass can be hard work, so it's essential to ensure you are using a machine that makes the job as simple and enjoyable as possible.

The Oleo-Mac battery-powered lawnmower is ideal for cutting the grass in your garden simply, noiselessly and effortlessly. The elimination of noise emissions and air pollution, compact dimensions, and the absence of power cables, combine to make this type of machine the perfect choice for small lawns. Safe and with low weight, the battery-powered lawnmower allows you to cut the grass at any time of day with just a few simple actions.

Model Gi 44 P in the catalogue feature a steel deck, with centralised cutting height adjustment, generously sized grass catcher and moreover equipped with a double battery housing, making it possible to extend running time with up to two 5 Ah batteries to tackle larger mowing surface areas.

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