Hot water high-pressure washers

The Oleo-Mac PW 300 HC high-pressure washer is an indispensable aid for cleaning activities on large size surfaces, such as courtyards and covered walkways. In industrial surroundings this machine is ideal for cleaning large areas of flooring and for all situations calling for the cleaning and sanitizing power of hot water.

The hot water high-pressure washer is equipped with a vertical boiler with double spiral coil for rapid water heating and immediate results. The control panel, which incorporates the pump protection, the power switch and the temperature control knob, allows the machine to be set up with a few simple steps. Starting is aided by the "Easy Start" device in all mains supply connection conditions.

The Oleo-Mac hot water high-pressure washer is equipped with a large number of accessories: a strong and flexible high pressure hose to connect the machine to the gun with protection, a gun with protection and an adjustable nozzle head designed to modulate the intensity of the water jet to match washing requirements, and a fixed jet lance. Further accessories can be supplied to order, such as the floor wash lance, for washing floors and other surfaces that are not compatible with water spray, and a rotary brush driven by the pressure of the water jet and specifically recommended for cleaning delicate surfaces. The drain clearing nozzle makes it possible to remove all kinds of obstructions from pipes in a matter of seconds, while the sandblast lance allows you to sand surfaces to remove rust, paint and incrustations. Finally, we also supply a water filter kit to protect the pump and nozzles from any contaminants in the water.

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