Compact chainsaws

Selection Guide

Oleo-Mac compact chainsaws have been designed to incorporate the technology used in  higher class models: they guarantee segment-beating performance, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimum use of time and energy. 

Occasional minor pruning tasks or cutting small diameter firewood can be carried out using practical and easy-to-use tools. “Compact” and light-weight Oleo-Mac petrol engine chainsaws make these tasks easier, thanks to their quick starting, supported by the starting sequence indicated on the machine body shroud. The devices devised for these models make their use and routine maintenance extremely practical.

The GS 37 / GS 371 and GS 41 / GS 411 models are also fitted with an “EasyOn” system that allows for simple starting, as well as a lateral chain tensioner, greatly simplifying chain adjustment tasks. The Primer device, positioned in full view on the engine cover, facilitates starting from cold, after refuelling or following lengthy idle periods. The innovative design of the starter handle makes starting the machine easier, while the “OnOff” and “Choke” switches are incorporated in a single multifunction lever.

For efficient isolation from vibrations, Oleo-Mac chainsaws are fitted with an antivibration system consisting of three spring-type and three rubber dampers. They also feature an automatic constant flow rate oil pump that cuts in only when the chain is moving: this prevents troublesome oil leaks when the machine is idle.

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