MAX 44 ''Plus Cut'' series lawnmowers

The new MAX 44 “Plus Cut” is an aluminium deck mower that will make tending large and medium sized lawns (up to 1200-1600 m²) a swift, simple and pleasurable task.
Clippings can be collected or left to lie as mulch. Either way, optimum results are guaranteed.
  • Lightweight and compact, deck and wheels intelligently aligned, short wheelbase: every detail of the design is geared to ensure maximum manoeuvrability and a perfect cut, even tight against walls, fences and plants.
  • The mulching function (a standard feature of this machine) guarantees a biologically healthy effect on the garden: when finely chopped grass clippings are left on the lawn, they are transformed into a rich, natural fertilizer.
  • Special care has been taken over the levels of performance when the machine is used in conventional mow-andcollect mode: the blade is designed to produce a clean and accurate cutting action, even on damp or wet grass. The discharge duct of the MAX 44 deck is positioned higher, so as to optimize the air flow and carry the clippings swiftly into the 60-litre grass catcher.
  • Operator comfort is also given close attention, as reflected in the adjustable and folding handlebar and the centralized cutting height adjustment knob, which is easily accessible from the front of the deck. Self-propelled versions are equipped with metal wheels guaranteeing stability, smooth running on any type of ground and maximum durability over time.
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