937: Simply Outstanding

The 937 chainsaw, given top marks by the professionals
Field-testing time for the new Oleo-Mac universal. In order to be evaluated in a strictly professional context, it was tested by operators of one of Italy’s most important eco-utilities, Enìa, which in the territory of Parma alone carries out maintenance on over 100,000 trees. The 937’s “test drive” was then completed on a typical modern farm, where a chainsaw is needed for taking care of the vineyards and above all for cutting up large amounts of wood for log fires.
The saw, in other words, was put to the test in various different situations by operators with the experience and skill to judge the instrument – in both cases attentive and demanding, although under differing conditions – and the verdict was unanimously positive.
In numerous interventions carried out with the 937 on different kinds of trees and under different conditions, the Enìa technicians greatly appreciated the saw’s lightness, the facilitated starting system, the anti-vibration devices, and its cutting efficiency. On the farm, for the various cutting operations required, the key factors were considered to be the instrument’s extreme manageability and versatility.

Technical overview

  • Model: 937
  • Capacity:  35,2
  • Oil Pump: automatic
  • Fuel tank (L): 0.32
  • Chain oil tank (L): 0.22
  • Bar length: 33/41cm - 14"/16"
  • Weight: 4,1 Kg
937-testdrive  937-testdrive  (1.028,39 Kb)
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