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The world of olives

Olive growers faced with the organization of harvest-time and maintenance work need to optimize their resources and increase productivity, selecting the method of harvesting best able to meet their particular requirements.
Manual picking — which is unprofitable, costly and potentially dangerous — has by now given way to a mechanized system allowing the operator to stay at ground level and work on branches in complete safety, which signifies a huge saving on the harvesting cost per kg of oil ultimately produced.
There is now a selection of tough and reliable machines available to meet the needs of olive growers. These include shakers.
Not only do these machines assure an effective reduction of harvesting times and costs thanks to a level of efficiency much higher than with manual methods, they are characterized by reliability and operating comfort, thanks to the incorporation of ergonomic and safety devices designed precisely with these needs in mind. The use of a mechanical shaker also ensures that the health of the olives is better safeguarded, avoiding risk to future harvests.

Transportation of bulky materials

A transporter is the ideal vehicle for construction and agricultural duties involving the movement of bulky and heavy loads over sloping or rough terrain. Designed to stringent quality standards, these machines offer top performance in terms of carrying capacity, matchless long-term reliability and a high level of operator safety even on steep gradients. A tight steering radius ensures unrestricted freedom of manoeuvre around building sites or in greenhouses and vineyards.
The design ot the transporter is inspired by the notion of picking up and carrying the load rather than towing it. The advantages of this system over the traditional tractor and trailer arrangement are many and various: the transporter is more compact and easier to handle, and with the load uniformly distributed between the axles when the vehicle is fully laden, it guarantees better grip and stability on steep slopes, besides being more gentle on the soil

Cutting tough materials

Power cutters are used by construction and road surfacing professionals for the most demanding of applications: cutting asphalt, concrete and metals. These machines have powerful engines, and a multilayer filter system designed especially to ensure smooth operation even in dust-laden environments.
An arm reversible through 180° allows the disc to cut a line tight against walls, and with no worries where operating conditions are concerned, thanks to the filter system. Certain models are equipped with a special low-effort starting device, and there are other safety features designed to protect the operator from sparks and accidental impact.
Similarly, the general design of the machines focuses on operator convenience first and foremost — as witnessed by the controls, for instance, which are positioned for maximum ease of access.
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