Soil cultivation

Working the soil effectively

Rotary tillers are a great help to owners or keepers of vegetable/flower gardens and smallholdings. Rugged, but at the same time easy to use, these are the perfect machines for preparing even the most unyielding and neglected soils, with future grass or crop seeding in view. Ideal for market gardening operations or on medium sized plots of land, they are just as advantageous, thanks to their ease of handling, for working the soil in confined spaces or around low-growing plants, typically in vineyards.
Earth augers, on the other hand, are used to sink holes for vines or plants, greenhouse uprights and lamp-posts. They feature high resistance to mechanical stresses under even the toughest conditions and in all operating positions, and are capable of tackling the most difficult of tasks in the hardest of soils.
These are machines that can be used to advantage for a variety of jobs, like anchoring beach umbrellas at bathing resorts, and by home-owners who need to erect palings, hoardings or fences as quickly as possible.
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