Cleaning with water

Effortless cleaning of outdoor areas

Where cleaning need to be thorough and effortless — not least on difficult surfaces exposed to weathering agents, or manual work areas that are habitually splashed and soiled — the ideal solution is undoubtedly a high-pressure washer.
The power of water and the force of pressure guarantee levels of hygiene and optimum cleanliness far superior to those obtainable with purely manual methods.
Depending on the model selected, and on the rated power, the high-pressure washer can be used to clean outdoor areas such as balconies, porticos, pavements and garden paths, also garages and car ports, even trucks and tankers.
These are handy, tough and dependable appliances that will restore moss-encrusted walkways, benches and steps to their original state, and are also useful for preparing walls to receive paint.
High-pressure washers are an irreplaceable aid when tackling marks and stains of the most stubborn kind, such as accumulations of sludge, rust, dirt and debris, which can be removed in a fraction of the time that would be involved using purely manual methods.
Useful in town, and no less effective in the country, the high-pressure washer will make short work of cleaning out stalls, chicken runs and barnyard areas, showing its true colours as a labour-saving device.
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