Gianluigi Bianchi - Milano

“The best quality/price ratio on the market”
Reliability, performance, competitiveness. These three words sum up the winning formula that typifies Oleo-Mac machines: so says Gianluigi Bianchi, owner of “Il Giardiniere”, a company in Milan specializing in the design and maintenance of gardens and green spaces.
Bianchi has been a faithful user of Oleo-Mac lawnmowers for ten years or so — since taking up this career — and in that time has also got to know and appreciate other models of the extensive Oleo-Mac range, especially brushcutters and blower.
“As time goes by, you naturally have to renew your machinery and equipment resources”, observes Bianchi, “but there have been occasions when it has almost pained me to make the change, as I know that some of those machines could have been kept in service for a lot longer, even with all the hours they had ‘on the clock’… I’m quite experienced by now and I know the market pretty well, and in my opinion, Oleo-Mac lawnmowers and brushcutters offer the best quality/price ratio there is”.
What keeps Bianchi firmly committed to Oleo-Mac, apart from the reliability of the machines themselves, is the knowledge that the manufacturer understands his needs, thanks to the constant contact with local members of the sales and serive network.
“For me, Oleo-Mac is personified by Claudio Sainaghi more than anyone”, says Bianchi with a smile. “He is the one who has shown me all the pros and cons of the various models and always been there when I needed help, listening when I tell him what I want, and making really helpful suggestions, always patiently. There was a bit of a problem with a hedgetrimmer once, but service technicians were sent down directly by head office to discuss the difficulty and see how it could be resolved. If that’s not an effcient service, then I don’t know what is…”
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