Alberto Catelli - Cornaredo (MI)

“Maximum attention paid to the needs of professional groundsmen and gardeners”
27-year old Alberto Catelli runs Floricoltura la Coccinella, a company based in Cornaredo (Milan), employing a staff of 4 and providing maintenance services for parks and gardens in public and private ownership. Though young, he is already a veteran of his trade and has always been exclusively an Oleo-Mac user.
“I got to know and appreciate Oleo-Mac machines when I worked for another company”, says Catelli, “so when the time came to start up my own business I had no doubts about where to go. I find Oleo-Mac products have everything a professional needs, especially reliability and high quality performance. And then there is the attention given to those visual and ergonomic features that help to make the job easier, especially when working in tough conditions for long hours at a time, and are able to make the difference compared to other models. What’s more, the Oleo-Mac catalogue offers a genuinely broad and varied selection, so it is almost impossible not to find an answer, whatever the need”.
The work carried out by Catelli’s business is often intensive in nature — as it is generally for all professional groundsmen and gardeners — tending to peak seasonally in spring and autumn. In this type of scenario, machines cannot be carried through by performance alone; a dependable service back-up is indispensable.
Personally, I am well satisfied with the service offered by Oleo-Mac”, says the young entrepreneur. “Besides being able to get hold of replacement parts quickly, there is the more general advantage of having a manufacturer that understands the needs of people like myself who work in parks and gardens all day long. Whenever technical problems come up now and again, things are not always rectifiable perhaps as smoothly as I would like, but I really have appreciated the commitment shown at those times when Oleo-Mac has sent out its service technicians in person to help sort things out with us”.
A favourite machine? “We do a lot of pruning work on tall plants”, replies Catelli, “so I decided to buy a 925 chainsaw, and it has been the best decision I ever made. It’s lightweight and practical, and above all it’s tremendously effective, even when we have to keep going all day. With this latest model, Oleo-Mac has done it again — given me a piece of equipment that I really need for the kind of work I do”.
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