Burn Right low emission brushcutters

Quality, and care for the environment.
For Oleo-Mac, product development today also means making a commitment to ecologically advanced engines, in other words, engines for machines that make an ever-decreasing environmental impact while continuing to guarantee the same quality and high performance.
Honouring this commitment, we have come up with a set of technological solutions — identified by the Burn Right brand — for the manufacture of machines that will maintain existing standards of quality and performance while achieving a huge cut in potentially harmful emissions, as well as much reduced fuel consumption and noise levels.
The search for innovative solutions driven by environmental concerns led initially to the design and production of new eco-friendly chainsaws featuring Compression Wave Injection (CWI) technology. Today this same technology provides the basis for development of the company’s new line of 25.4 cm³ brushcutters, with low emission engines (responding to EPA II and EURO II standards) that are able to produce their horsepower in complete harmony with the natural world, while sacrificing nothing in terms of performance
Compared to models with conventional 2-stroke engines, brushcutters of this new generation ensure a reduction of up to 75% in emissions of the main pollutant gases, while burning 30% less fuel, yet with the same performance and power-to-weight ratio; other advantages of the new engines are easy starting, a linear torque curve and simple maintenance.
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