BC 260 - BC 360 brushcutters

4-stroke makes a winning debut.
Among the important new items being launched by Oleo-Mac in early 2007, special mention should certainly be given to the line of 25-35 cm³ brushcutters equipped with 4-stroke engines.
High performance, improved fuel economy, low exhaust emissions and noise levels are the success factors that make these engines highly attractive to a more evolved market: factors on which Oleo-Mac has been working — with its technological partner, the world’s premier constructor (Honda) — to develop a new family of brushcutters.
Accordingly, Oleo-Mac makes its 4-stroke debut with the promise of maximum quality and reliability.
All the technological attributes and practical advantages of the 4-stroke engine are encapsulated in an incredibly small and compact space, in machines incorporating solutions and features designed especially to meet every operator’s need for ergonomic correctness, reliability and rational costs.
The new brushcutters — available in loop and twin versions (loop only for 25 cm³ models) — offer high levels of performance, with displacements giving rated power from 1.1 to 1.6 HP and delivering steady torque in any operating conditions, while guaranteeing the right levels of comfort and absolute care for the environment.
The benefits provided by these new engines are undeniable, in terms of lower harmful exhaust emissions (60-80% less than conventional 2-stroke engines), lower fuel consumption (around 50% less), and lower levels of noise and vibration. And there are other pluses: with the use of normal petrol, and therefore of a separate fuel tank and oil reservoir, there is no risk of error deriving from an incorrect fuel mixture.
Our brushcutters weigh in at just 5.6 kg, placing them among the most manageable models of their class and underlining the sensitivity of Oleo-Mac to the needs of the individual who matters: the end user.
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