Brushcutters series BC 260 - BC 360

A new generation of heavy duty trimmers with 4-stroke engine providing high power and torque to tackle any kind of job, from homeowner to commercial needs.
  • Featuring a perfect combination of performance, ease of use and maintenance: all this combined to a drastic reduction of harmful gas emissions for a safeguard of the environment.
  • The 4-stroke technology ensures a quiet and clean running any time, offering maximum operating comfort.

Maximum respect for the environment

  • 85% reduction in unburned hydrocarbon (HC)
  • 65% reduction in nitric oxide (NOx)

Maximum  saving

  • 50% petrol saving
  • Limited oil consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs and use of spare parts

Maximum comfort

  • No need to mix petrol and oil; just use the same fuel of your lawnmower
  • Quiet and pleasant running sound
  • Very low vibration
  • Easy starting
  • Less smoke and less odor
  • Ergonomic handles of innovative and patented design

High performance

  • 360┬░ inclinable engine: the machine can be used efficiently in any working position
  • High torque, even at low engine speed, for increased ease of use
  • Aluminium engine shroud for superior mechanical strength
  • Steel drive shaft and 7 mm internal shaft for long-term reliability
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