Ivan Colombo - Settimo Milanese (MI)

''These are machines you can trust... I hold onto them tight''
“Anyone involved in everyday parks and gardens maintenance knows that reliable machines are an absolute priority. Which is why I went for Oleo-Mac”. Ivan Colombo is in no doubt: Oleo-Mac equipment has exactly what professional groundsmen and gardeners need.
Colombo, a 33-year old agriculturalist and proprietor of the Settimo Verde company in Settimo Milanese, has been using Oleo-Mac machinery for almost a decade, indeed since turning professional.
“There are so many products on the market”, he says, “and yes, there are manufacturers who offer machines with the same performance and reliability. But when making a choice based on quality, for my line of work, there is no question that the Oleo-Mac range has the best balance between quality and cost”.
Colombo’s main allies in the parks and gardens he looks after, on the northwestern outskirts of Milan, are his Lux 53 aluminium deck lawnmowers: powerful machines ideally suited even to the large areas he has to cover, which guarantee dependable and constant efficiency over time. “You can really rely on them, even working in tough conditions and for long hours: so I hold onto them tight!”.
Beyond the value of the products, Colombo sees and appreciates the effort made by the company on the customer service front. “I buy from an Italian manufacturer not just out of national loyalty, but because knowing that the company covers my territory is a key factor: for a professional, speed of response and efficiency of service are crucial, and over the years, the Oleo-Mac people have never let me down. Advice for the future? Give us more of the same! Keep investing, so that more and more improvements can be designed and incorporated into machines, and my job will be made even better and more satisfying”.
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