937 - 941 chainsaws

Pure innovation.
Oleo-Mac presents the new family of universal chainsaws, which from 2007 onwards it’s available in two displacements (35 and 39 cm³) and in different models, responding successfully to the needs of customers the world over.
These are chainsaws designed for every kind of home use — lopping, pruning, cutting small-medium diameter trunks — which offer notable versatility while combining speed and accuracy of cut with strength, comfort and safety, even when working long hours at a stretch.
In practice, the new machines can be seen as evolving from 936-940 models, which have done so much in recent years to make Oleo-Mac chainsaws a success, and which the 937-941 saws will replace.
But this is no mere restyling exercise. It is a brand new project, on which the Oleo-Mac R&D department has worked at length to identify innovative content of a kind that can ensure the best possible solutions are offered to the various users these machines have been designed to target.
First and foremost, particular care has been taken over ergonomic design and styling. With their modern and softly contoured lines, devoid of sharp edges, these machines present a balanced and attractive look — that of the “family design” that will feature in all future series of chainsaws.
The real innovation in this new family of chainsaws is at the core of the product, namely the engine: still a classic 2-stroke, but one that can be equipped with “clean” Compression Wave Injection (CWI) technology or with a catalytic converter. Either way, these are leading-edge technological solutions designed to reduce fuel consumption and minimize the release of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, while ensuring that quality standards and performance remain high.
The new 937-941 universal chainsaws is equipped with:
  • digital ignition coil — for better combustion control — and a flywheel that is lighter, but larger in diameter than those of previous models, so as to ensure a more effective cooling action and keep the engine running smoothly and uniformly from start to finish.
  • Another brand new feature is a multifunction lever incorporating on-off, half-throttle and choke control devices, which has obvious advantages for the operator, in terms of comfortable handling and ease of use.
  • The bar and chain lubrication oil pump likewise has been completely renewed, employing materials that include aluminium, steel and tough wear-resistant plastic. Stringent tests conducted by Oleo-Mac’s R&D laboratories have shown that the new pump is able to guarantee superior standards of quality, even under extreme operating conditions and when used continuously for long periods.
  • In addition to the tried and tested pull starter, certain models will be specified with a special system designed to absorb kickback forces generated by the piston when the engine is started up.
Innovation, quality, performance, ergonomic design, energy saving, care for the environment: with the new 937-941 chainsaws, Oleo-Mac has once again underscored its credentials as a provider of effective answers to the needs of customers worldwide.
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