952: multi-purpose chain saw

The new Oleo-Mac 952 has been designed for demanding jobs. Its main features are cutting speed, performance, balance and fuss-free maintenance. 
The latest chain saw to be tested in the Monza Park Agrarian School is the Oleo-Mac 952: outstanding performance and technical features make it an essential addition to the market segment dedicated to professional chain saws for demanding applications, if not exclusively for felling. It is no coincidence that, within only a few minutes of use, the high performance of the 952 is immediately apparent in terms of its power, speed and perfectly balanced weight distribution, which ensures maximum control of the chain saw during operation.

The machine

As mentioned above, the 952 chain saw is designed specifically to carry out demanding jobs. This predominantly includes the cutting of thick branches or trunk sections. The machine also makes light work of felling jobs, even if it was not specifically designed for such activities. The dimensions of the 952 chain saw, 20 cm wide and 25 cm long, make it ideally suited to users seeking a safe solution for cutting thicker branches of up to 40 cm in diameter, as well as operators who appreciate its light weight (5 kg no-load weight without bar and chain) and optimum balance in terms of even weight distribution. It is features like these which greatly enhance the machine’s cutting performance. In fact, the 952 is able to cut branches of up to 50 cm in diameter. This demonstrates that, in terms of power, the 952 can hold its own against other models of equal category on the market. In fact, at the heart of the chain saw is a 51.7 cc engine with maximum power output of 2.5 kW at 13,500 RPM. Such impressive performance enables the 952 to cope with larger trees without over-revving, thereby ensuring rapid and precise cutting. In this regard, it is worth remembering that the machine can be fitted with guide bars of 33, 41 and 45 cm. Another plus point is the ergonomic weight distribution, with the machine's centre of gravity positioned right under the handgrip. This feature prevents arm fatigue caused by keeping the machine balanced during use and therefore makes for increased manoeuvrability.


The 952 has been tested on conifer trunk sections of 40 cm average diameter. Cross cuts and longitudinal cuts were applied to the wood section in addition to different notch cuts. In fact, thanks to the machine’s high chain speed and engine performance, both cross cuts and longitudinal cuts were achieved without loss of engine power and each operation took only a few minutes. In the case of more demanding operations, the machine's excellent manoeuvrability proved to be a class apart thanks to the evenly-balanced design of the machine, which follows and facilitates the operator’s movements with every cut. Furthermore, the basic maintenance points, including air filter, chain fitting mechanism and spark plug, were easily accessible within the space of a few seconds. The air filter and chain mechanism is accessed by removing the safety cover, whilst the spark plug is accessed by removing the special protective sheath, insulation and air filter cover.
Abstract from "Garden & Grill Motor" magazine (November 2006).


  • Cutting quality 7
  • Maintenance 8
  • Size 8
  • Vibration 7
  • Weight 8
  • AVERAGE 7.6

Technical overview

  • Model: 952
  • Capacity:¬† 51.7 cc
  • Max. power with RPM kW/1/min: 2.5 at 13,500
  • Sound pressure dB(A): 101
  • Fuel tank (L): 0.5
  • Chain oil tank (L): 0.27
  • Bar length (cm): 33/41/45
  • No-load weight without bar and chain (kg): 5
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