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Hand-held blowers

The Oleo-Mac blower is the ideal tool for tidying up garden leaves, clippings and other debris.
  • The “Primer” and “Lift Starter” systems ensure quick and simple starting at all times.
  • The practical throttle lock allows air flow to be adjusted direct from the handle in order to suit the type of work being carried out.
  • A special kit allows quick-and-easy conversion to a vacuum.
  • The snap-fit cover can be removed without tools.
  • Safety switch stops engine if opened for maximum operator protection.
  • The suction fan is fitted with a steel mulching blade in order to shred the material collected and lessen its volume inside the bag.
  • Innovative “Vibcut” antivibration system, utilizing 4 rubber mounts to isolate the engine from the handles and the body of the machine, considerably reducing the vibrations transmitted to the user during operation. This guarantees maximum comfort and easy handling of the machine.
Power/Displacement 1.2 HP - 0.9 kW/25.4 cm³ Max. air volume 11.7 m³/min - 700 m³/h
Max air speed 74 m/sec Collection bag capacity 36 L
Weight 4.3 Kg
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