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  • Pluscut  Multi-functional lawnmower: discharge, collection and mulching (system which chops up clippings up into fine fragments, leaving it on the lawn. The clippings decompose and act as natural compost).
  • Quick Fit system  System which allows quick attachment and removal of the cutting deck and other accessories in just a few minutes, without the need for tools.
  • Garden tractors  Self-propelled ride-on machines ideal for cutting grass in large gardens, parks and public green spaces.
  • High-pressure washers  Powerful machines which use a high-pressure water jet, ideal for cleaning outdoor spaces, cars or agricultural equipment.
  • Trimmers  Machines used to trim or cut grass in places which cannot be reached by a lawnmower or garden tractor (such as around garden walls, ornamental plants, bushes, flowerbeds and fences).
  • Hedgetrimmers  For cutting hedges and shrubs, aesthetic trimming and protecting the health of plants.
  • Cutting width  The cutting width depends on the cutting deck of the machine, in relation to the expanse of the area to be cut.
  • Casing  Metallic enclosure which protects the engine components.
  • Lockable differential  The differential is a device which enables two wheels to move at different speeds. Locking the differential prevents one of the two drive wheels from spinning in the event that it temporarily loses grip.
  • Starter rope handle  Handle connected to the recoil starter rope which is used to start the engine.


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